It goes without saying that our braking system is one of the most vital components of our vehicles. But do you know what it takes to keep your brakes working at an optimum level?

Proper brake maintenance should be a regular part of caring for your car, and it requires attention to detail. Most people are generally aware of the state of their brake pads, but how often do you check your brake fluid levels? Many car owners fail to realize that checking the brake fluid should be an item included on their vehicle maintenance list.

What is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid utilized by your vehicle’s braking system to convert force into the pressure responsible for slowing your vehicle. Without brake fluid, your car’s brakes wouldn’t be able to function–which is bad news if you’re cruising down the highway and find yourself out of brake fluid.

Why It’s Important to Check Levels Often

Brake fluid is what’s known as a hygroscopic fluid. What that means is that it is exceptionally adept at absorbing moisture. This property is important to the life and function of your vehicle, as excess moisture can cause rust and other kinds of damage to metals. But as more water is absorbed, the boiling point of the liquid decreases which has a negative effect on your vehicle.  Water-saturated brake fluid will boil off more easily when it interacts with the heat generated by the act of braking, which can result in brake failure.

Most automotive manufacturers recommend that the brake fluid be changed every two years if not more frequently. If you are in the Houston area and are due to have your brakes serviced, contact Cartender Auto for an appointment today.