1. Diesel Brake Care Tips

    When you are cruising down the highway in your diesel, it’s likely that your focus is on the curve of the road, the feel of the steering wheel beneath your palms, and the way the open sky tugs at your heartstrings. If you have a family, your thoughts are probably lingering on your day and whether football or dance practice is the next stop scheduled on your itinerary. Your diesel keeps you safe …Read More

  2. Why Does My Car’s A/C Not Work?

    There aren’t many feeling worse than hopping into your car in the middle of the day, feeling the heat rippling off of your car seats, flipping on the A/C, hoping for sweet chilly relief, and getting nothing but more hot air. You hope that maybe the cold air will kick on as you start driving, but pretty soon you’ve got the windows down and sweat dripping down your face. Your A/C worked the othe…Read More

  3. Diesel Fuel Filter Basics

    Maintaining your engine properly is the key to the longevity of your vehicle. Sure, you can take care of a lot of the basic maintenance on your own, but sometimes it pays in the long run to have an experienced and dependable diesel mechanic at your service. Cartender Auto is that mechanic. We can handle everything from oil changes, battery installation, and other types of preventative maintenance …Read More

  4. Add Brake Fluid to Your Car Care Checklist

    It goes without saying that our braking system is one of the most vital components of our vehicles. But do you know what it takes to keep your brakes working at an optimum level? Proper brake maintenance should be a regular part of caring for your car, and it requires attention to detail. Most people are generally aware of the state of their brake pads, but how often do you check your brake fluid …Read More

  5. Welcome!

    Welcome to the Cartender Car Shop Blog. We’ll be talking cars, repairs, and everything mechanic throughout our blog feed, so stay posted for the latest from Cartender! Here at Cartender, we value your vehicle as much as you do. You want a vehicle that runs as smooth as it did when it rolled off the lot. We want customers that use us time and time again for our mechanic services. That’s why our…Read More